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The Role of Parliaments in Developing E-Commerce and the Internet is presented by Parliamentarians for Global Action and the Riksdagen (Swedish Parliament) with the support of many partners.

Parliamentarians for Global Action is a unique network of over 1300 Members of Parliament from around the world, engaged in a range of action-oriented initiatives promoting democracy, peace and economic development in the world.

Global Action Leadership - 2000-2001 Executive Committee

President - Karl-Göran Biörsmark, MP (Sweden)
Treasurer - Drs. Jan Hoekema, MP (Netherlands)
Member - Sen. A. Raynell Andreychuk (Canada)
Member - Hon. Prof. Naomi Chazan (Israel)
Member - Sen. John Connor (Ireland)
Member - Hon. Kenneth Dzirasah, MP (Ghana)
Member - Sen. Anthony Johnson (Jamaica)
Member - Sen. Wakako Hironaka (Japan)
Member - Dip. Marcelo Lopez Arias (Argentina)
Member - Dip. Tomas Jocelyn-Holt Letelier (Chile)
Member - Rep. Cynthia McKinney (USA)
Member - Prof. Longin Pastusiak, MP (Poland)
Member - Mr. Ross Robertson, MP (New Zealand)
Member - Theresa Ameley Tagoe, MP (Ghana)

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