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January 25


Opening Ceremony

Welcoming Remarks
Opening Address
Keynote Address

Session I - The Internet: Access, Power and Potential

The objective of this session is to introduce the power and potential of the Internet to delegates and to explore digital divide issues. The Internet can be a force for positive social advancement and economic growth, but it can also be used for negative purposes by supplying dangerous information. Topics covered in this session include: The Internet, a purveyor of information and a tool of communication; how worldwide is the web? – the widening digital divide; current and future developments of the Internet and its impact on civil society; how is the Internet regulated; the dangers of the Internet and initiatives to address these dangers (i.e. hate crime, trafficking).

Session II - Managing E-Commerce for the Benefit of the Economy and Society

The objective of this session is to introduce e-commerce to the delegates and to explore both the benefits and concerns to government brought about by e-commerce and to identify responsibilities of government toward society and business. Topics that will be covered in this session include: current economic impact and future predictions of e-commerce; technological developments that will impact on e-commerce and society; what governments fear about e-commerce ("the borderless world"); Canada’s proactive approach to e-commerce; creating an environment of trust between business, society and government; the "international rules of the game" and international policy coherence (i.e. taxation); and future challenges for Governments in an e-commerce world.

Global Action Luncheon - "E-Commerce from the Consumer's Perspective"

Session III - E-Commerce and the Business Sector: Creating An Environment for the Development of E-Commerce in Business

The objective of this session is to expose parliamentarians to the challenges of e-commerce on enterprises. Topics to be covered in this session include: "the flop", why and what does it mean for e-commerce; e-commerce and its impact on enterprises in developed and developing countries; constraints faced by enterprises; concerns of enterprises; achievements of women; and the potential of business-to-government e-commerce.

Session IV - E-Commerce and Civil Society - Protecting Workers, Consumers and Political Participations

The objective of this session is to debate the impact of e-commerce and e-communication developments on civil society and to identify the positive and negative elements. Topics to be covered in this session include: how e-commerce has benefited civil society to date and in future; concerns of workers (jobs, skills, literacy); consumer protection issues (privacy, consumer rights); concerns for women; Democracy and voting on the Internet. In addition, this session will discuss how to responsibly legislate the proliferation of technologies that serve to protect state and security interests, but may violate individual liberties.


January 26

Drafting Committee (E-Commerce and Internet Development)

Special Parliamentary Session on Counter-Terrorism

Session I - Addressing the Root Causes

Conflict Resolution
PGA’s Task Force on Peace and Democracy facilitates conflict resolution through parliamentary diplomacy in West Africa, East Africa, South-Eastern Europe and South Asia. The session will explore methods used and the possibility to expand this work to include the Middle East. UN/EU/NATO/OAU mediators will join parliamentarians in presenting lessons learned.

Building sustainable, healthy, thriving communities
PGA’s Sustainable Development and Population Program works at the national parliamentary level to fulfil the goals of the ICPD; develop the concept of "human security" and projects on ensuring that the benefits of globalization reach the poor. UNFPA, Human Development NGOs will present.

Education and Opportunity for Women
PGA’s network of 350 women members work on legislative measures for education and opportunity for women through the implementation of the Beijing Platform of Action. NGOs working on education and micro-credit and development bank will present

PGA Luncheon and Exhibit Break

Session II - Legal Measures

Addressing Cyber Security and Cyber-crimes:
Representatives of Internet Security Company.

Strengthening Law Enforcement while balancing civil liberties
PGA members in their national parliaments are working towards legislative measures of law enforcement that remain within constitutional norms and civil liberties principles. Representatives of Interpol and other law enforcement and civil liberties experts will present.

Strengthening Banking and Charity Regulations

PGA members on Banking and Finance Committees are working on tightening banking and securities regulations to control and shut off funding mechanisms for terrorism.
Representatives of Securities and Exchange Commission, Banking and Finance Committees, New York Attorney General’s office and Banking Association will present.

Adhering to International Conventions

PGA’s disamament and international law work on the CTBT, the CBW, the CWC and the ICC is crucial to the anti-terrorism effort. Universal adherence and implementation of these conventions is necessary. Experts on these conventions and National Security officials will present

Closing Session - Parliamentary Declarations