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Latest Forum News -

08/01 - web site launched.

Parliamentarians for Global Action in cooperation with the Riksdagen has launched a web site to provide information on the upcoming Annual Parliamentary Forum which focuses on the subject of e-commerce and the Internet.

09/28 - Forum Postponed.

In light of the terrorist attack on New York and Washington and the
subsequent urgency for a coordinated strategy by the international community,
Parliamentarians for Global Action announces the postponement of its 23rd
Annual Forum on E-Commerce and Internet Development, currently scheduled for
November 11-12, 2001 in Stockholm, Sweden. New dates will be announced
shortly on the Forum website -

PGA's network of parliamentarians from 100 elected legislatures are intensely
engaged in their national debates and discussions with their respective
governments on the appropriate responses to these terrorist attacks. PGA is
also coordinating legislative measures globally to assure that responses are
selective, legal and within a multilateral framework. Delegations of PGA
members from its Peace and Democracy and International Criminal Court
programmes are making bilateral visits to colleagues in Washington to discuss
legislative strategies.

10/25 - New Forum dates announced.

The new dates for the Forum are January 25-26, 2002.